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Monday, January 4, 2010

Note to Self

Originally, I started this blog in November 2009, to test out my plan for creating one piece of art per day, either a scribble, a sketch, or a painting. I have concluded that trying to do one per day is not realistic, not comfortably achievable for me, due to full-time job and such. BUT, I read in another blog, an artist's goal of creating one completed piece each week, and that, I can do.

So some of my art goals for 2010 are to:
**Complete one art project per week = 52 new pieces this year.
**At least 1 per month will be in traditional impressionistic style. 

Week 1 is here, so I better get started!

Oh, this remains the Daily Art Snip and I will continue to come by almost every day with a snip, a quote, or an interview. Thanks for visiting!

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