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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Monthly Art Lesson #1: LINES Using your methodical mind to understand expressive art

As you might know, there are five main elements available for creating artwork, along with six traditional principles. These are:
Texture plus
Unity and

The combinations in use can be overwhelming, especially if you are logical, linear and analytical.

One fun and focused approach to creating is to choose your FAVORITE element (or perhaps any random one, if you ware still finding your path in art) and apply it to the subject you are capturing. The photo below demonstrates the use of my favorite element, line, along with some gentle movement, to capture this simple flower.

The basic contours were drawn loosely on watercolor paper. One main line/edge was featured via sharper contrast of edges.

Some artists will prefer to tackle a flower using bursts of gorgeous color, some with dramatic lighting and shapes. Since my preference is for neutral colors, soft edges, and flowing lines, the LINE and movement route is my favorite.

SUGGESTION: Try this! Grab some paper and a pencil or pen and draw your own version , your own interpretation of a simple flower using simple LINES. You can use a live or artificial bloom nearby, or search online for an image.

REAL LIFE APPLICATION: Art Appreciation 101: Lines-- The next time you come across ANY artwork in a lobby, a restaurant, a gallery crawl, pause, look, and consider the artist's use of LINE. How do they feature the contrasts of angles and curves, how do their lines move? Do they love lines, or is there something else that they are featuring in their interpretation. Food for thought.

Next Month we'll tackle the simple daisy using SHAPES.